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Cool stuff round the web, not necessarily remote-work related, but good to know.

How to convince your manager to continue letting you work from home? on HackerNews
The top comment isn’t necessarily the best advice IMO. There’s better advice as you scroll further down the page. Take it all with a grain of salt, of course. Work cultures differ around the globe.

X-Y-Z Resume Formula from Google Recruiters
Some legit tips on how to refine your resume and stand out from the crowd, from recruiters who receive millions of resume submissions A YEAR.

5 Types of Developers that are in High Demand by Tatiana Melnichuk
Tatiana is the founder of an IT recruitment agency hiring worldwide, and knows a thing or two about the skills that are sought after, and why.

Elon Musk announces he has Asperger’s, and here’s what people think
Asperger’s, or in Elon’s case, Autism Spectrum Disorder, is diagnosed in 1 out of 54 American children. In my personal opinion, this is a nice step forward for neurodivergent people. Grimes, his baby mama, is also neurodivergent, with a movement disorder. Quite a pair. (I’m low-key obsessed with Grimes)

Why the Blockchain matters by Seth Godin
Probably one of the best introductions to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency that I’ve read so far. All hail papa Seth.

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