Job Drops and Tips for Applying

Latest open positions as of April 29, and how to optimize your job search

Welcome to the first issue of Tris Talks Remote! I’m not quite married to the name, but we’ll figure it out as we go along. All that matters to me now is that I get to share some remote work opportunities, as promised. I’m also sharing some tips on how to optimize your job applications and get those interviews later in the email.

Job Drop


Superformula - Posted 5 days ago

GMT-8 - GMT-3 timezones | Teammates in NYC, PDX, SEA, LAX, ATX, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Italy, and Poland | $80k-$150k


Optimize your job search

Ever felt like you had applied to dozens of jobs and never got a reply back? Here are some quick tips to maximize each job application.

  • Apply to fresher job postings. Apply to jobs that were posted within 3-7 days ago, if you can.

  • Connect and follow up with the company’s recruiters if you don’t hear back after a week. If there are no recruiters, look for people in the company who have “we’re hiring!” on their profiles.

  • Keep your resume to 1 page, and optimize it to be scannable.

Like these tips and want me to expand more on them? Let me know!

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